Who is Anton James Andresen.

Anton James Andresen is an artist who's live performances and creations have been witnessed by hundreds of thousands of people  all over the world. His life's work is about having fun, helping people, and creating astonishing results.

While anton takes great joy in providing people happy moments and memories with his magical entertainment he is also on a personal mission to help improve conditions and inspire people.

Drawing on his talents as a showmen, his background in marketing and business, and his limitless creative talents he offers unique perspective and improvements for groups, individuals, and projects.

His craft is his ability to capture and hold attention, communicate complex ideas in a simple manner, and inspire people to greater heights all while making it an enjoyable and memorable process.

Partial List of Appearances & Clients:

  • Universal Studios Orlando
  • Salem Now Television
  • Stonehill College
  • Suffolk University
  • Fox News
  • Improve Comedy Clubs
  • Tuacca Rum
  • The Ritz Carlton