We must always work on being good. At Christmas time children who are excited to see Santa, and want to be on their best behavior, may wonder what does being "good" actually means.

Being "good" means listening to parents, teachers, and coaches. It is helping out, it is cleaning your room, and being a kind, trustworthy and honest person. Being "good" means being respectful to others.

Here I have a special oath that you can take if you want to make sure to be on your very best behavior for Santa! Please read the following out loud...

Santas Goodness Pledge

  • I will be honest and trustworthy.
  • I will be kind to others.
  • I will do the right thing.
  • I will be fair to everyone the best I can be.
  • I will be caring towards others.
  • I will always believe in myself.
  • I will keep my word.

Now that you have said these words out loud you must ACT on them! Santa and the world thanks you!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,