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Your Message Made Unforgettable

Let’s Create Something Amazing for Your Audience

Anton is able to take your message and communicate it in an engaging and meaningful manner to reignite passion and inspire your audience. You provide the message and Anton will provide a powerful experience that will be remembered for years to come.

High Impact Experiences

Discover what it takes to get WOW worthy results

Learn time tested principles for getting high impact reactions with your product, service, or customer experience. Discover how to leave your audience blown away and wanting more by using principles such as surprise, personalization, and showmanship to create a positive lasting impression.

Know Your Audience

The Foundation for All Success

Knowing your audience is the foundation for delivering wow worthy results. In this presentation you will learn a process that allows you to get a full picture of your audience so you can meet and exceed their expectations.

Peak Performance

Learn how to present like a Professional

Learn what it takes to give the best presentation or sales pitch of your life. This is your opportunity to benefit from Anton’s 20 years of experience WOWing any audience anytime in the most high pressure situations imaginable.

Make It Happen

Turn your ideas into reality

Learn how to achieve goals that you may consider impossible. Anton will share the process he uses to go from an idea, to a goal, to a plan of action, into a reality. Perfect for highly productive people and creative professionals.

High Impact Networking

how to make the ultimate impression

Learn how to network like a professional. In this presentation you will learn how to give a powerful introduction that will make you stand out, find the most important people in the room, and follow up in a way that will create a deeper connection.

How to Live Your Most Magical Life

Its not the life in your years but the years in your lifE

Learn the secrets for living a more magical life including how to identify the areas in your daily routine where you can make simple changes that will bring you great joy. Get ready to take average experiences and turn them into an extraordinary life.

What Anton can do for you:

  • Incorporate your message or theme and integrate it with world class entertainment making it more memorable and powerful.

  • Using proven techniques, teach your audience how to make their own incredible experiences that will keep your customers coming back for more.

  • Work directly with your team to ensure deep learning and understanding of core concepts.



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